La Jolla Mobile Bar

Travel Bartender La Jolla

Elevate your next event in the posh coastal enclave of La Jolla with Bevvy Bike’s luxurious mobile bar and bartender service. Picture hosting your elegant soirée, whether it’s an opulent wedding reception, a sophisticated corporate gala, or an ultra-chic private celebration, and having our dapper bartenders arrive with a fully-equipped bar on wheels. Your guests will be delighted as we serve up artisanal craft cocktails, fine wines, and premium spirits directly from our stylish mobile bar setup.

Bevvy Bike’s unique concept perfectly complements the refined atmosphere of La Jolla, allowing you and your attendees to indulge in a touch of luxury and first-class libations. With our commitment to outstanding service and creating unforgettable upscale experiences, your La Jolla event is sure to be a stylish and memorable affair with our distinctive mobile bar service.

Bar Package Options Include

  • Beer and Wine Bar Bike
  • Basic Cocktail Bar Bike
  • Craft Cocktail Bar Bike
  • Brunch Bar Bike
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Bar Bike
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