Encinitas Mobile Bar

Traveling Bartender Encinitas

Bring a fun and unique twist to your next event in the relaxed coastal community of Encinitas with Bevvy Bike’s mobile bar and bartender service. Imagine hosting your gathering, whether it’s a casual backyard party or a more upscale wedding celebration, and having our friendly bartenders roll up with a fully-stocked bar on wheels. Your guests will be delighted as they sip on refreshing craft cocktails, local brews, and premium spirits served directly from our mobile bar setup.

Bevvy Bike’s novel concept fits perfectly with the free-spirited, beach-town vibe of Encinitas, allowing you and your attendees to embrace the laidback lifestyle while indulging in top-notch libations and excellent service. With our commitment to creating memorable experiences, your Encinitas event is sure to be a hit with our one-of-a-kind mobile bar service.

Bar Package Options Include

  • Beer and Wine Bar Bike
  • Basic Cocktail Bar Bike
  • Craft Cocktail Bar Bike
  • Brunch Bar Bike
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Bar Bike
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